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Estate Planning Fee Schedule

We use flat fee pricing for almost all estate planning services.  That means we can meet as many times as we need to in order to develop an estate plan that meets you and your family’s needs, and the total cost will be the same.  There are two basic forms of estate planning that are discussed in depth on our blog.

Individual Married Couple

Basic Estate Plan – Last Will and Testament



Premium Estate Plan – Revocable Living Trust $1,500


Some situations are straightforward and the total assets are small enough to utilize a plan centered around a Last Will and Testament. For those individuals, our basic estate plan consists of a Last Will and Testament, Personal Property Memorandum, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare POA, Advanced Instruction for Natural Death/Living Will, Advance Mental Health Instruction, HIPAA Release, and Secretary of State Registration Forms.

For more complex situations, a premium estate plan includes every document from the basic estate plan along with a Revocable Living Trust and various documents to support that Trust. To learn more about the benefits of Trust Planning, read our blog.

If you’re unsure which plan would be a better fit, check out our Types of Estate Plans blog or send a message and we will you help decide.

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